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Our Mission Possible



Our Mission: Empowering at-risk teens to discover their greatness

Updated: October 21st, 2008 

"To ignite within teens a life-long desire for learning, cultivate an awareness of limitless potential, seek greater reward, develop big dreams which lead to happier more productive lives."

We offer innovative, positively reinforced leadership workshops, developed by judges for judges, offering “at risk teens” an alternative to punishment in courts. We introduce teens to community organizations offering school tutoring, GED training, internships, and a multitude of other mentoring and training opportunities. Our programs create self-motivation, a desire for community involvement, and develop leadership skills.



Our Mission Possible pilot program is developed by judges for judges who offer a new possibility for teens in lieu of punishment or fines. This educational intervention alternative will create huge benefits for the teens, their families, their schools, their communities, and the judicial system.
Our court systems are currently under great strain. Unfortunately, most judges are left with few options to choose from when dealing with teens referred to their courts.


What if I told you that nearly half of inner city Texas high school students were dropping out of school? Would you consider that a social crisis? Statewide, each graduation class has at least 120,000 fewer students than started in their freshman class, with more than 2.5 million students dropping out of Texas schools during the past 20 years, according to the San Antonio-based Intercultural Development Research Association - IDRA

Change Young Lives Forever

This organization was founded by Judge Charles Webb. Judge Webb, a former elected Justice of the Peace who is currently offering his services as a "visiting judge" in Travis County Justice Courts.  Judge Webb observed that the courts' limited resources and limited time with each teen often resulted in a revolving door of contact with "at risk teens”. Judge Webb determined that in addition to the waste of human resources, the potential costs to society of failing to motivate teens in a positive direction, would be exponential.  He felt compelled to think outside the box and to attempt to find a better way.   He is now actively working to pull together community resources, individual volunteers, corporate and individual sponsors, and inspired facilitators to continue to develop a program that will surely change the lives of teens.

Caring and Concerned Community

Schools, communities, corporations, and individual resources that are available in this program are substantial and growing. While having a sincere concern about the welfare of the youth of our community, we all recognize the huge social costs of doing nothing. Together, we can open young minds to possibilities that they have never considered. We welcome mentors, sponsors, and contributors who share our passion. Professionals and business owners are encouraged to offer summer internships for qualifying teens.


Mentor and Monitor Process

Our Mission Possible programs ignite big dreams, desire to seek greater rewards, and better lives. Many teens are desperately seeking adult approval, recognition, and encouragement. Mentor a child and change a life. We have found that as powerful as we believe our program to be, individual follow-up and monitoring is critical. It is a certainty that the more adult attention and recognition, the better the chances of success.


You CAN Help!

You can help to open young minds to possibilities that they have never considered. We welcome mentors, sponsors, and contributors of personal time and money. Professionals, non -profits, charitable organizations, and business owners are encouraged to offer summer internships, training and goods for “at risk” teens. We are a 501 (c) 3 tax exempt Non-Profit Corporation. All profits go toward the furtherance of Our Mission Possible. Your donations are tax deductible and welcome.